To nowhere, please!:On foot through the Mongolian wilderness

Franziska Bär

As Franziska and Felix meet, they shared a dream: to travel to the most remote places in the world. They want to discover things there are no stories about and work out a plan to hike through the most sparsely populated country on earth – Mongolia.

The challenge starts in their preparation: they have to take as little baggage as possible, yet keeping in mind that in Mongolia supplies cannot simply be replenished on every corner. Not only is there a lack of roads – but of people. Who would live there, except a few nomads who aren’t accustomed to foreigners, and whose language Felix and Franziska don’t understand?

They’re dropped off in the middle of nowhere and head off, equipped with nothing but a tent, space food and a couple of ancient Russian military maps. Their destination: a remote mountain lake. They fight their way through raging glacial rivers and struggle up a mountain with unexpected baggage. They’re surprised in their tent by strange men, to then walk for days without encountering a single soul. But magical encounters also happen in vast solitude – not lastly between Franziska and Felix.

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