Are you doing well or do you have kids at school?: What school madness is doing to us and our children and how to survive it - A mother’s account

Anke Willers

The serious side of life that has no sense of humour

Today, a mother who sends her child to school is automatically sending herself to school, as teachers only touch on a good deal of subject matter in lessons. The parents are then taken to task, making their child's schooling success their success as well: if the grades are alright, they did everything right. If not, they’re haunted by self-doubt. And fear: Will the child be able to keep up later?

Anke Willers can relate. The working mother of two girls depicts her daughters’ school days and how she has survived for years as an assistant teacher. In exchanges with renowned experts, she explains why school today is so complicated, how to regain a sense of serenity and how not to lose one’s humour in the midst of it all.

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