Ach du dickes Ei!: Meine Kinder, die Hühner und ich

Katrin Sewerin

Katrin Sewerin is a veterinarian with a great love for animals. However, she never thought that one day she would live on an idyllic farm and be the "Ma" of a lively crowd of chickens, which causes a lot of unexpected hustle and bustle in the family. In "Ach Du dickes Ei!" she writes about the adventures that she and her children experience together with their beloved chickens.

When her children Emma and Tom ask for a new dog, Katrin Sewerin and husband Werner develop the perfect strategy: a categorical no to rabbits, hamsters or Golden Retrievers. Instead, the two propose to buy chickens - and expect that the offspring will find this idea a dull one. But unexpectedly the children love the idea. And so Henni, Isabella, Layla and the frightened wannabe rooster Momo move into the garden and soon conquer the hearts of the family.

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  • Ach du dickes Ei!: Meine Kinder, die Hühner und ich
    Katrin Sewerin

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