With the rage of a mother

Phyllis Omido & Andrea C. Hoffmann

When Phyllis Omido starts her new job managing a waste battery recycling plant near Mombasa in 2007, she plunges eagerly into the work. But suddenly her little son is mortally ill: The lead content in his blood is increased 37-fold, the child is highly poisoned. When the young mother was researched, her son was made ill, she encounters alarming results: Phyllis quit her job briefly, caring for her child, and gathering evidence of her employer's life-threatening environmental sins. She warns untiringly of the lead-contaminated groundwater in the vicinity of the plant, organizes mass protests and, threatening her life, forces the closure of the metal refinery. As the government reopens the factory, the lone parent turns to international NGOs and starts their fight against lead smelting throughout Kenya. With the fury of a mother, Phyllis Omido intercedes with international companies and even sued the Kenyan state for redress and the right to health. In her expected suspense book, the most courageous environmental activist in Africa will be shown for the first time in her entire history, including global relationships.

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