Your heart, my heart: How organ donation gave me a second life

Tamara Schwab

Your heart saved my life!

Tamara Schwab lives to the fullest when two sudden cardiac deaths tear her apart. An odyssey of doctors' visits, operations, setbacks and, above all, uncertainty begins, until five years later she learns the cause of her cardiac arrests. Tamara Schwab has a genetic defect that causes her heart to get weaker and weaker. The only way out is a transplant and waiting for a donor heart. When a suitable donation becomes available, a second life begins for Tamara Schwab. She fights her way back piece by piece, experiences gratitude and joie de vivre, and now shares this in her book.

How do we find new courage in seemingly hopeless situations? How do I deal with visible and invisible scars? Can resilience really be learned?

Tamara Schwab answers these and many other questions, interwoven with her very personal story and donor heart.

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