Homeward bound: How a world traveller unexpectedly found a home in Sweden

Franziska Consolati

An extraordinary expatriate story: two globetrotters who unexpectedly found their home

Travelling the world, discovering new countries - that's Franziska Consolati's life. Until she realised that behind all this travelling was a very specific longing: to find a place that would take away her restlessness. A little house in Sweden changes everything. In this book, Franziska Consolati gives an honest and authentic account of her greatest adventure to date: living in the woods, in the never-ending light of summer, without running water in the freezing cold of winter. But living in nature, in simplicity and peace, brings a special happiness: the feeling of finally being home.

A sensitive account of courage, perseverance and the ups and downs of living in the wild.

In the Swedish woods, Franziska Consolati and her husband have found something she wasn't even looking for: a place where she wants to stay. Instead of jumping at every opportunity to travel far away, a 4,000 square metre clearing with a small red house suddenly means the world to her. The roof leaks and the nearest DIY store is 40 kilometres away, the chimney doesn't work, moose regularly ravage the garden and they have to wait weeks for an internet contract. And yet there is a sense of happiness that they have finally come to the right place.

An emotional and entertaining account of a world traveller's arrival and new start in the midst of nature in southern Sweden.

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