Über mir der Sternenhimmel: Wie ich nur mit Hängematte von Zypern bis ans Nordkap reiste

Johanna Geils

A woman, a hammock and lots of adventure: an exciting travel story

Just pack your backpack and go hiking! Be outside, experience nature in all its beauty and wildness, have adventures and, above all, sleep outdoors. That was the plan when Johanna Geils set off on her five-month journey from Cyprus to the North Cape in February 2022. Without a tent, with only a hammock in her luggage, she travelled alone, mostly on foot, through eleven countries from the south to the far north of Europe. In her gripping and captivating travelogue, she tells the story of what happens when you pluck up the courage to follow your passion, throw all your fears and doubts overboard and just set off.

Travelling alone as a woman through eleven European countries

Johanna Geils has covered more than two thousand kilometres on some of Europe's most spectacular hiking trails, such as the Likya Yolu, the Alpe Adria Trail and the St. Olavsweg. With a good dose of stamina, but also a slight tendency to overestimate herself, she experiences unique adventures on her European journey. She tells of plummeting temperatures, relentless rainy days and stormy nights, of loneliness, doubts and injuries, but also of unique experiences of nature between fjords, mountains and forests, of spectacular places to sleep under the stars and, finally, of the incredible hospitality of the people along the way.

In addition to her travelogue, Johanna Geils also provides many tips and tricks for your own walking trip, especially for women. A travelogue that will make you want to pack your rucksack and set off!

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  • Über mir der Sternenhimmel: Wie ich nur mit Hängematte von Zypern bis ans Nordkap reiste
    Johanna Geils

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