Don’t count your chickens before the parents’ evening hatches: Students, teachers and other highly gifted

Gabriele Frydrych

Monday morning, 8 o’clock. Luise from Grade 10a hands in a doctor’s note, excusing her from Sports. Valeska wants a „thingamabob“, so that the „thingamabob“ (the Job Center) assumes the „thingamabob“ (school trip expenses). Max needs one of those too, as he unfortunately lost his „thingamabob“. Dying to exhibit his scrape, Diego is on the verge of unwrapping the bandage - and the teacher Gabriele Frydrych tries to remain calm and collected and carry on with the German lesson. With a big dose of humour and a big heart, she explains why day-to-day school life really gets crazy when up-in-arms parents show up and supposed „experts“ recommend she do finger-yoga and mindfulness training. Agonized school secretaries, cleaning staff, cafeteria operators and teachers also have their say.

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